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Romney Deserves a Break, Obama Doesn't!

Romney Deserves a Break, Obama Doesn't!
Friday, September 21, 2012
by Burt Prelutsky

It’s not often I get to feel sorry for a multi-millionaire, but my heart goes out to Mitt Romney. Thanks to Team Obama working in cahoots with a corrupt media, he gets slammed no matter what he does. If he generalizes about his plans as president, he gets hit for being vague. But when he comes out with a five-point program, he gets no credit.

When he was asked in London, as someone who had once run an Olympics Game, what he thought about the security set-up for the 2012 event, he gave an honest answer and what turned out to be a factual appraisal. So, naturally, the media accused him of making a major gaffe, instead of praising him for not being a typical sweet-talking phony.

When he went to Israel and said that the difference between the success enjoyed by the Jews and the failure of the Palestinians was the difference between the two cultures, he was accused of insensitivity. But once again his only sin was in telling the truth.

More recently, a video of Romney speaking at a fund raiser went viral. In his remarks, he said that 47% of Americans are dependent on the federal government and, as a result, probably will not vote for him. Now he may have been off by a bit, and he may have inadvertently included retired people on Social Security who are not paying federal income taxes, but his message in the main was absolutely correct. People who believe that the government owes them something for no other reason than that they’re breathing do make up the base of Obama’s support.

That base, which includes inner-city blacks, illegal aliens, public sector union members and college students -- particularly those wasting their time and their parents’ money pursuing degrees in the liberal arts -- all feel themselves entitled to the largesse of the American taxpayer.

I had no doubt that the Democrats would try to make hay off his comments, particularly among the elderly who are living off Social Security. But theirs happen to be the exception to the rule because they paid into the system. All those other government checks, along with food stamps, are referred to as “means-tested.” In other words, people are expected to prove that they need these bribes in order to survive I think it is fairly obvious, even to liberals, that those are the folks Romney was referring to; in the same way, when people refer disparagingly to single mothers, they mean those who never bothered getting married, not widows and divorcees.

Finally, Romney did not, as Obama’s campaign manager insisted, write off Obama’s groupies; he merely identified them.

The difference between Obama and Romney or between Obama and any normal American is that he lies so shamelessly. For instance, at a recent campaign stop, he started a sentence by saying, “When I travel around the country and meet with Republicans…” I want to know exactly where these meetings took place. The only time you see him meeting with anyone is when he’s bloviating to a crowd of worshippers. Hell, this fraud doesn’t even speak to the Republicans in Congress, unless it’s to tell them to sit down, shut up and get out of his way.

Then there’s the matter of his right hand clown, Joe Biden, who keeps getting applause with his favorite line, pointing out that Osama is dead and GM is alive. The problem is that things have only gotten worse in the Middle East and North Africa since the execution of Osama bin Laden, as emotionally satisfying as that may have been. As for GM, after costing the tax payers and the bond holders billions of dollars, the company is barely breathing. But so long as the UAW is happy, that’s all that matters to this administration.

Even Obama must be embarrassed by the obvious failure of his Middle East policy, which consisted of feeding the Muslims a load of bull hockey about their alleged contributions to America and the world. Judging by the firestorm of anti-Americanism that is streaking across the Muslim world, stretching from Egypt to Indonesia, one can easily see that soft words have no effect on them. Perhaps because even they realize how backward and vicious they really are, they assume that anyone who is praising them is only doing so out of cowardice and fear. And for once, they’d be right.

As with a mad dog, you can avoid it by staying indoors. Or you can shoot it on sight. But you are never going to turn it into a house pet with a lot of soft soap.

It’s just about impossible to determine Obama’s biggest blunder because there have been so many, both foreign and domestic. But certainly near the top of the list was his fawning speech in Cairo, in 2009, when he delivered a mea culpa on behalf of the United States while flinging orchids to the assembled Arabs and Muslims.

One should never show weakness to one’s enemies, but, then, we have no reason to think he regards them as his enemies. That, after all, is a rather short list that only seems to include the likes of England, Israel, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Back in the 1960s, Nikita Khrushchev decided that President Kennedy was just the spoiled son of a rich man, more interested in chasing starlets than in waging war, a man not only cursed with a weak back, but lacking a spine, and so he decided to move Russian missiles into Cuba. When Khrushchev woke up to the fact that Kennedy was quite prepared to have our Navy sink the Russian ships, he backed down.

Obama, on the other hand, was so convinced that he was The One, the one who would lower the oceans and heal the planet, that, like every other naive fool who is blinded by his own massive ego, he felt he merely had to wish for something to happen to make it happen.

And why wouldn’t he? Everything else in his life has gone according to plan without his having to work too hard to bring it about. First there was prep school, thanks to his grandparents; then there was college and law school, thanks to affirmative action; then there was Illinois politics, which, thanks to the likes of Bill Ayers, Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and Jeremiah Wright, was as easy as donning a pair of bedroom slippers; and, finally, there was the grand prize, the presidency, thanks to the likes of George Soros, David Axelrod and Oprah Winfrey.

If we learned anything from Obama’s speech at Cairo, it’s to remind us that our presidents should never go abroad when they wish to make or announce policy. Before 2009, the last time someone made such a boneheaded blunder, it was FDR at Yalta, in 1945, when he handed Eastern Europe over to the not-so tender mercies of Joe Stalin, sentencing hundreds of millions of people to nearly half a century of Soviet savagery.

I fully understand why this administration would like to blame some silly video for the murders of Ambassador Stevens and his colleagues in Libya, and wish to suggest that the date of 9/11 was merely a coincidence. Anyone who has ever confronted the family pooch after he’s made a mess on the carpet knows there’s a brief moment when Fido glances around to see if perhaps there’s another dog in the house who can be blamed.

But looking back over the past four years, at White House messes big and small, one thing is for sure: Barack Obama can’t lay any of it at the feet of Bo.

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