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Forward To Yesterday

Forward To Yesterday
Friday, September 28, 2012
by Burt Prelutsky

I find it fascinating and amusing that Obama said that the GOP convention was like a re-run and should have been viewed on a black-and-white TV with rabbit ears. If I were Obama, I’m not sure if I would ever bring any sort of ears into a conversation. But that being said, if anyone is looking backwards, it’s the putz who wants to claim Clinton’s economy for his own.

But who can blame him? At this point, he’s probably ready to claim Greece’s economy for his own.

Before moving on, it should be mentioned that the booming economy of the 90s came about in spite of Bill Clinton, not because of him. The 90s boom owed more to Newt Gingrich and the Republican Congress that delivered tax cuts and welfare reform after the ’94 elections. Prior to that, Clinton was just as big a loon as Obama as he tried to push the unfunded HillaryCare bill on America 16 years before Obama saddled us with his own even bigger and more vile version.

The difference is that Clinton was bright enough to go along with the Republicans and, thus, get re-elected in 1996. Obama, being less of a practical politician and more of a left-wing nutjob, has continued to press for an enlarged federal government, leading to a $16 trillion national debt and an annual trillion dollar deficit and, ironically, has done his best to gut Clinton’s signature legislation, welfare reform.

David Axelrod, who could be a dead ringer for Hitler if he only trimmed his mustache, accuses the GOP of being backward-looking. But the one thing that Republicans and Democrats can agree on is that we all wish the clock could be turned back. Liberals want to turn it back to the 90s, while conservatives would like to turn it all the way back to the Reagan era of the 80s.

In reminiscing about Ronald Reagan, Peggy Noonan said, “You can’t buy courage and decency, and you can’t rent a moral sense.” It’s as obvious as the ears on Obama that Reagan was a man of character. It’s why he could actually work with House Minority leader Tip O’Neill (D) to get things done for the good of the country. All that Obama does is sulk and call John Boehner (R) and duly-elected Republicans in the House obstructionists or worse.

As Noonan has said, a lot of people disagreed with Reagan’s politics, but she has never met anyone who didn’t genuinely like and respect the man. Is there anyone who believes that the same could ever be said about Barack Obama, an arrogant narcissist, who revels in the adoration of college students, Muslims, welfare recipients and the reflection in his own mirror?

Speaking of welfare recipients, Chris Matthews, who has devoted so much time to defending Obama that he could moonlight for the Secret Service, recently said, “We passed the civil rights bill, and still the country is basically white here and black there. There’s ‘hoods, there’s ghettos, and there’s whites living in the ‘burbs. It hasn’t changed a lick.”

Actually it has. Just not for people like Matthews, Holder, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson and Obama, who would be out of business if being race card-playing con men didn’t pay so darn well.

But it’s not just Matthews, who should bear a scarlet H on his forehead, denoting hypocrisy. Apparently in 2008, while trying to get Ted Kennedy’s endorsement for Hillary, Bill Clinton, in referring to Obama, said, “A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.” How ironic that a scant four years later, it’s Clinton who’s shlepping water for Obama.

According to Matthews, when Republicans use such terms as “welfare,” “birth certificate,” “food stamps,” “European socialism,” “Chicago” and “work requirements,” it’s actually code for black people. At least Matthews didn’t disclose our secret handshake or the password to enter our tree house.

What is truly remarkable is that liberals never feel the slightest bit of shame or embarrassment to say such stupid things when their own houses are constructed of the most fragile sort of glass. For instance, according to a recent article at WorldNetDaily, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews live in the lily white suburb of Chevy Chase, Maryland. At last report, Chevy Chase has a black population of roughly five percent. Also, he and the missus have never contributed money to the campaign of a black political candidate, except for Mr. Obama.

Matthews, who came to fame when he channeled his inner teenage girl and confessed that listening to an Obama speech sent a tingle up his leg, reminds me of the guy who took a Rorschach test and claimed to see a naked woman in every single ink blot. When the doctor concluded that in his professional opinion, the subject was suffering from a sexual fixation and clearly required therapy, the patient protested, saying, “Hey, I’m not the one with all the dirty pictures!”

Finally, we come to Antonio Villaraigosa, soon to be the unlamented ex-mayor of Los Angeles. In evaluating the GOP convention and its large contingent of Hispanic speakers, he announced, “You can’t just trot out a brown face or a Spanish surname and expect that people are going to vote for your party.”

That is a message he should have delivered to the Democrats when they decided to make him the chairman of their convention for no other reason than this second-rater happens to have a brown face and a Spanish surname. This is a guy who became a union organizer and then a politician only after failing to pass the bar exam four different times. Sometimes it seems as if politics only exists in order to provide a fallback position for really dumb people.

The Republicans featured Hispanic speakers because decent and remarkable conservatives such as Susana Martinez, Mel Martinez, Luis Fortuno, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, actually hold major political offices.

The Democrats, on the other hand, were so desperate to have an Hispanic presence that they stuck Villaraigosa front and center in spite of the fact that an ethics investigation found him guilty of accepting -- and not paying taxes on -- free tickets worth tens of thousands of dollars to the Academy Awards, various rock concerts and courtside seats at Laker games.

In addition, there’s the $68,000-a-year in tax dollars that go to his daughter for answering his phone. And lest you think that greed and nepotism alone define our city’s mayor, there’s the fact that over the years, he has had any number of tawdry affairs, one that ended with the birth of a child, another that involved the wife of a friend, and still another with a TV reporter that brought an end to his 20-year marriage.

Is it any wonder that with a track record like that, Antonio Villaraigosa stands a very good chance of being the Democratic standard bearer in the 2016 presidential election?

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