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Four Years Later, Obama’s Different “Change” Message In Wisconsin

Four Years Later, Obama’s Different “Change” Message In Wisconsin
Mitt Romney Press | September 22, 2012
Boston, MA United States

“Four years after promising Wisconsinites he would deliver change to Washington, President Obama is back in the state with a different message – he can’t deliver the change he promised. The candidate of ‘yes, we can’ has become the president of ‘no, I can’t.’ As president, Mitt Romney will deliver the change necessary to fix Washington and get our country back on track by delivering 12 million new jobs and higher take-home pay for American workers.” – Andrea Saul, Romney Campaign Spokesperson

Four Years Ago Today, President Obama Told Wisconsin “We Must Change Washington Now”:

Candidate Obama, Four Years Ago Today In Wisconsin: “I've Been There Long Enough To Know This … The Ways Of Washington Must Change.” OBAMA: “But I've been there long enough to know this - if we want a government that puts the needs of middle-class families before the whims of lobbyists and politicians; if we want to grow this economy and prevent a crisis like this from ever happening again, then the ways of Washington must change. We must reform our lobbyist-driven politics. We must reform the waste and abuse in our government.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks, Green Bay, WI, 9/22/08)

Candidate Obama: “We Must Change Washington Now.” (Senator Barack Obama, Remarks, Green Bay, WI, 9/22/08)

But Instead Of Working To “Change Washington Now,” President Obama Has Given Up – Declaring “You Can’t Change Washington From The Inside”:

President Obama: “The Most Important Lesson I've Learned Is That You Can't Change Washington From The Inside. You Can Only Change It From The Outside.” OBAMA: “And you know, I think that I've learned some lessons over the last four years. And the most important lesson I've learned is that you can't change Washington from the inside. You can only change it from the outside.” (President Barack Obama, Remarks At Univision Forum, 9/20/12)

“A Surprising Comment From President Barack Obama…” “A surprising comment from President Barack Obama, at the Univision forum in Florida earlier, on things he has learned after four years: ‘You can't change Washington from the inside.’” (Maggie Haberman, “Obama: You Can't Change Washington From The Inside,” Politico, 9/20/12)

President Obama’s Comments Were Not “Especially Helpful” For A Candidate Who Ran “On A Hope And Change Message.” “It's a tricky thing to claim outsider status after serving in the White House for four years (and in the Senate before that), after running on a hope and change message, and it is not an especially helpful comment for a president running for reelection with a plea to voters to let him finish the work he began but hasn't closed out.” (Maggie Haberman, “Obama: You Can't Change Washington From The Inside,” Politico, 9/20/12)

It’s No Surprise That President Obama Has Given Up On “Change” – His Policies Have Left Middle-Class Americans Struggling:

More Than Twenty-Three Million Americans Are Unemployed, Underemployed, Or Have Stopped Looking For Work. (Bureau Of Labor Statistics,, 9/10/12)

In August, The Unemployment Rate Either Increased Or Was Unchanged In 38 States. “The Labor Department says rates increased in 26 states. They fell in 12 states and were unchanged in the other 12.” (Christopher S. Rugaber, “Unemployment Rates Rise In Half Of US States,” The Associated Press, 9/21/12)
•The Associated Press Headline: “Unemployment Rates Rise In Half Of US States” (Christopher S. Rugaber, “Unemployment Rates Rise In Half Of US States,” The Associated Press, 9/21/12)

“The Income Of The Typical U.S. Family Fell Or Was Flat In Almost Every State Last Year.” “The income of the typical U.S. family fell or was flat in almost every state last year, with the drop particularly steep in places where the economy has been hit hard by the housing bust.” (Josh Mitchell, “Incomes Fell Or Stagnated In Most States Last Year,” The Wall Street Journal, 9/20/12)

Under President Obama, The National Debt Has Surpassed $16 Trillion – An Increase Of $5.4 Trillion. (Department Of The Treasury, Accessed 9/20/12)

“The Gap Between Rich And Poor Americans Grew In 2011 As The Poverty Rate Remained At Almost A Two-Decade High.” “The gap between rich and poor Americans grew in 2011 as the poverty rate remained at almost a two-decade high. The U.S. Census Bureau released figures today that showed household income fell, underscoring a sputtering economic recovery that’s at the heart of the presidential campaign.” (Catherine Dodge and Frank Bass, “Rich-Poor Gap Widens To Most Since 1967 As Income Falls,” Bloomberg, 9/12/12)

Americans Are Struggling With “A Shrinking Middle Class.” “The findings highlight concerns about a shrinking middle class and pose another obstacle to getting the economy back on track, said Annette Bernhardt, policy co-director at the National Employment Law Project, which conducted the study.” (Jim Puzzanghera, “Majority Of New Jobs In Recovery Are Low-Paying, Study Finds,” Los Angeles Times, 8/31/12)

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