Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Refute Global Warming with Two Simple Statements

Refute Global Warming with Two Simple Statements
Posted by Todd on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 1:40:20 PM

No matter how well versed the man-made global warming advocate, there are two simple statements born on common sense that prove man-made global warming is merely a myth. Never mind the manipulated scientific data, never mind the exaggerated truth of Al Gore, never mind the science fiction believed as fact, these statements will effectively cease all debate leaving the advocate speechless.

Statement One: The Earth has been heating and cooling on its own for eons without man’s involvement. Temperature change is natural. This is a universally undisputed fact reflected in geological and fossil records. Man has had no involvement with global temperature changes. Hubris alone accounts for his belief that he can affect the outcome.

Statement Two: There is no optimum temperature of the Earth. What global temperature should we settle on since we believe we can change it? Clearly this needs to be answered since the ramifications of the temperature we choose to use will effect every plant, animal, and weather pattern the world over. Answered as the average global temperature we happened to be born into reflects very small thinking and a narrow perspective. There is no possible response to this statement simply because it is larger than we are.

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