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The Adoption Law May Get Revised

The Adoption Law May Get Revised
Good News - The Adoption Law that Blocks Adoption Will Be Re-examined
M-PAK 1-17-2013

When the news first broke by a major newspaper in Korea on 4 January 2013, that the new adoption law was causing abandonment of many babies, and that it was hindering the adoption of many homeless children, many other media outlets carried the similar stories on daily basis. In addition many adoptive parents have filed the complaints on behalf of the children, and the babies being abandoned at the Baby Box operated by the Rev. Lee Jong Nak was featured on national news frequently.

A movement has begun by members of the National Assembly to take this matter up and review and revise the new adoption law that has resulted in the abandonment and loss of many babies.

Rep. Baik Jai Hyun of the Democratic United Party (민주통합당), who serves on the Women and Families Committee has stated that a revision to the new adoption law that will provide exception to birthmothers not wanting to register their babies will be made, and that the records pertaining to family relation will be kept by the agencies and make it available only if the birthmothers and adoptees agree to open mutually. Rep. Baik will introduce the revision bill at a National Assembly meeting scheduled in February 2013. Rep Baik stated “There is definitely a problem when the law that was supposed to protect the children would bring harm instead.”

Rep. Kim Myung Yun of the Saenuri Party (새누리당) is also involved with the revision effort. Rep. Kim has received the position papers on the revision from MPAK-Korea and also from Holt’s One Heart adoptive parents support group. He stated, “The current law is so far removed from the reality that we need to examine and revise the law accordingly.”

This is a very encouraging news, and hope that the law will truly serve for the best interest of children, whether they be raised by birthmothers, adopted domestically, or internationally.

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