Sunday, July 29, 2012

VIDEO: Mitt Romney Delivers Poignant Policy Speech in Jerusalem

VIDEO: Mitt Romney Delivers Poignant Policy Speech in Jerusalem
By Daniel Doherty

On Sunday, presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney gave a moving and inspiring speech in Jerusalem in which he reflected on the trials and tribulations of the Jewish people, the existential threat they now face from the radical regime in Tehran, and why America -- now more than ever -- must demonstrate its commitment to the state of Israel.

“Our two nations are separated by more than 5,000 miles,” he said during his remarks. “But for an American abroad you can’t get much closer to the ideals and convictions of my own country than you do in Israel. We’re part of the great fellowship of democracies, we speak the same language of freedom and justice and the right of every person to live in peace. We serve the same cause, and we provoke the same hatreds and same enemies of civilization. It is my firm conviction that the security of Israel is in the vital national security interest of the United States.”

Watch the entire speech here:

As opposed to how the Obama Administration deals with Israel...

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Brett said...

Notice how Mitt Romney is speaking in a place, where Obama doesn't have the guts to even go there. Romney is giving a speech without using telepromters, and he's making a point and not meandering all over the place and creating "straw men" like Obama always does in his speeches. Obama is still an amateur compared to Mitt Romney in government skills and leadership.