Sunday, July 29, 2012

Britain's NHS Is NSH (Not So Hot)

Britain's NHS Is NSH (Not So Hot)
By Carol Platt Liebau

Along with the creepy tableaux of fictional villains terrifying sick children, the ode to Britain's socialized health care was by far the most irritating part of Friday night's Olympic opening ceremony -- produced by lefty film maker Danny Boyle.

As Boyle fulsomely praised socialized health care as it's practiced in Britain, one just has to wonder what his response would be to the following headlines, featuring that self-same NHS:

Doris, 95, was left on a hospital trolley for 28 hours -- and when her son asked where she was, doctors didn't have a clue (UK Daily Mail, 4/29/12)

Surgery bans elderly patient over her carbon footprint (Telegraph, 4/3/12)

NHS shamed over callous treatment of elderly (Telegraph, 2/14/11)

Betrayed by the NHS: Doctor who gave her life to health service is refused vital cancer drugs that could save her (UK Daily Mail, 4/30/10)

Pathway for the Elderly that Leads to Execution (Telegraph,10/14/09)

These are just samples. There is plenty -- plenty! -- more where that came from. Just worth a thought when you see propaganda praising socialized "health care." It isn't "care" as we know it, and doesn't seem too health-y, does it?

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