Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Casting a Wide Net

Casting a Wide Net
July 31, 2012
by Burt Prelutsky

Between the things that liberals say and the things they do, it’s nearly impossible not to be overwhelmed by a tsunami of fatuousness.

For instance, Greece and Spain, two nations that have destroyed their economies through socialistic entitlements, should be delighted that the EU, meaning Germany, seems willing to bail them out if they’ll only change their spendthrift ways. Instead, like spoiled brats, they balk at making any concessions to reality. They are perfect examples of ingrates biting the hand that over-feeds them.

Everyone knows that where the mass media is concerned, if it bleeds, it leads. The exception is when violence is done by blacks to whites. If you went by TV and newspapers, you would think it was 1812 and that it was blacks who were nearly always the innocent victims of inter-racial brutality. The truth, as is often the case where the media is concerned, is the reverse.

Things at the Department of Justice are even worse. There you have an attorney general who refuses to even consider indicting black thugs for intimidating white voters or for placing a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman.

One wonders if people like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson, actually believe the racist, anti-American, swill they endlessly spew, why, like Marcus Garvey and Moses, they don’t lead their followers to the promised land. It needn’t be Africa. It could be closer to home; say, Canada or Mexico. Understand, I’m not saying they should. I’m just saying that if I honestly believed that America was as evil as they’ve claimed for the past four decades, I’d sure as heck be packing my bags, just as my various grandparents did when they ran, respectively, from Czar Nicholas and Joseph Stalin, and just as millions of others have fled from the cesspools of Hitler’s Germany, Mao’s China and Castro’s Cuba.

Along those lines, this being an election year, you will see Obama and a great many other Democrats, who spend three years out of four bloviating about separation of church and state, bribing black pastors to give up their pulpits for campaign speeches and photo ops

It was Ben Stein who said, “Fathom the hypocrisy of a government that requires every citizen to prove they’re insured, but not prove they’re entitled to vote in our elections.”

Jay Carney insists he never tells lies because if he did, he’d lose credibility with the Washington press corps. What’s more, he actually said it with a straight face. The irony is that the Washington press corps lies as much as he does, and if he and they didn’t lie on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis, they’d all be unemployed.

Hillary Clinton told us not that long ago that Syria’s Basher al-Assad was a reformer. Prior to that, she told Israel to stop building homes in Jerusalem. She also insisted that it was against America’s interests for Canada’s Keystone oil pipeline to be constructed. Not to be outdone in the BS competition, Barack Obama told Iran that it has a right to a peaceful nuclear program. With dingbats like that in charge of our foreign policy, it’s no wonder that Obama prefers focusing attention on domestic issues, including the comatose economy.

Speaking of he who must be sent packing, I recall that in 2008, Democrats claimed it was dirty pool for Republicans to refer to Obama’s middle name during the campaign. So imagine my surprise when I heard Obama, in a speech to an Arab/Muslim group, say, to thunderous applause, that without their help in his last race, “Someone named Barack Hussein Obama would have had a particularly difficult time being elected!” So, apparently, only he has the right to use the “H” word in public.

But nothing about Obama can shock me at this point. After all, he’s the putz who told Dmitry Medvedev to let Vladimir Putin know that after this election, he’d be more flexible. How much more flexible he could be when he has, at Putin’s insistence, already denied Poland and the Czech Republic a missile defense system and vowed to decimate our nuclear arsenal is a scary question. What I do know is that Putin is the former head of the KGB, and that’s a job that looks even worse on a resume than ex-community organizer.

Here in L.A., the ACLU is bringing a lawsuit because they insist that because of the way the districts are drawn, Latinos are under-represented on the City Council.

My question is, when exactly did the United States become so Balkanized that various groups are entitled to quotas, not only when it comes to education and employment, but even representation? Our national motto used to be e pluribus unum; from many, one. Now we print our ballots in a hundred different languages, and asking that the foreign-born acclimate themselves to the American culture is regarded as bigotry.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s deciding that ObamaCare is constitutional, Nancy Pelosi seriously suggested that it had less to do with John Roberts than with Ted Kennedy. Pelosi shared the news that Kennedy is in Heaven and that he used his divine powers to guide the Supreme Court.

Even for Pelosi, that’s a bit of a stretch. After all, from everything I’ve heard, Heaven, unlike the U.S. Senate, actually maintains standards.

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