Saturday, February 25, 2012

The History Of Barack Obama

Here's a good video to watch. It's called...

Video: Illegal Obama Propped Up By Congress.

Click here.

I posted this video somewhere else but can't remember where. Oh wait a second, it's right here.

I mean besides Obama presenting us with a phony long-form birth certificate, this video just shows that the lies run very deep and our country has been hijacked by the democrats. It involves the democrats, some republicans, Supreme Court Justices, and complicity with the mainstream media. One of a thousand reasons Barack Obama should never have been, nor should he be elected again.

Listen to this 3 Part You Tube audio in the History Of Barack Obama.
by Bill Whittle

Part 1 - click here.
Part 2 - click here.
Part 3 - click here.

And now for your musical enjoyment...
STFU Barack Obama

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