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Liberal Hypocrisy

Liberal Hypocrisy
Wednesday, October 24, 2012
by Burt Prelutsky

We all know that when it comes to hypocrisy, the Left holds the copyright. For instance, take Hollywood. If there are two things that those in the entertainment industry are always ready to promote, it’s public education and the sanctity of unions. In truth, however, none of them have their kids in public school. If they even thought about it, their friends and colleagues in the industry would accuse them of child abuse.

Speaking of education, I found it fascinating that in a recent poll, 93% of Chicago’s public school teachers rated themselves superior or excellent. This is in spite of 45% of students dropping out of high school. I bet Chicago’s kids wish the teachers graded them as generously as they grade themselves

As for unions, why do you think so many movies and TV shows are shot thousands of miles away from Hollywood and Vine? The obvious answer is that they pack their bags in order to keep the costs down by shooting in Canada and in right-to-work states. But, then, even Michael Moore, who passes himself off as a proud member of the proletariat, avoids hiring union members to work on his movies, thus saving more for Moore.

Pinheads like Juan Williams, aka Barack Obama’s bitch, took umbrage when Newt Gingrich suggested that food stamps provide Democrats with a convenient way to buy black votes. Liberals inevitably point out that more white people than black ones dine on the taxpayers’ dime. However, the 800-pound gorilla they choose to ignore is that while 78% of the population is white and only 12% is black, the number of whites receiving the stamps is only twice as many. In other words, if the percentage of whites was equal to the percentage of blacks, instead of 46 million people dining on the taxpayers’ dime, there would be close to 80 million freeloaders at the trough.

Last year, when the Democrats were trying, as usual, to raise taxes, they kept trying to embarrass Republicans by asking if they would agree to a deal if for every dollar in additional taxes, they, the Democrats, agreed to cut spending by $10. It was all a scam. For one thing, no self-respecting left-winger would ever actually agree to cut taxes. For another, a question I never heard asked is why if you cut spending, there’s any reason on earth to increase taxes.

Five weeks before the presidential election, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that the state’s law requiring a photo I.D. was constitutional, but that it couldn’t take effect until after November 7th. Judge Robert Simpson, just possibly Homer’s idiot brother, said it wouldn’t allow people enough time to get the photo. I wonder how long he thinks that takes. He also didn’t explain why if Pennsylvanians really cared about voting, they hadn’t taken care of business long before now, knowing, as they did, that the law had been passed and might very well take effect before the election.

This boneheaded decision merely confirms my prejudice against people who get to wear their bathrobes during working hours.

Yet another recent example took place in Massachusetts, where a judge ruled that a convicted murderer was entitled to become one with his inner woman by having the state pay roughly $40,000 for a sex change operation. On Fox, perennial ditz Lis Wiehl, yet another schlemiel with a law degree, weighed in to say she agreed with the decision because to deny him the operation would be a violation of the 8th Amendment, constituting cruel and unusual punishment. Coincidentally, that pretty much describes how I feel every time I see her pontificating on The Factor.

Mitt Romney came in for a firestorm of criticism for suggesting that 47% of Americans paid no taxes and, moreover, regarded themselves as victims. By inadvertently including those who depend exclusively on Social Security, a program into which all of us have to contribute, he slightly over-estimated that number. But that doesn’t contradict the fact that 58 million people receive more in benefits than they have ever paid in, and, moreover, I’ll wager the ingrates regard themselves as victims of the system.

It struck me recently that this administration continues to act the role of a befuddled middleman, borrowing billions of dollars from the likes of China in order to pass it along to our sworn enemies in Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan. If they’re going to be that casual with our money, I suggest we follow their lead and write the IRS an IOU next April 15th.

Speaking of money, two black guys in Illinois were arrested a while back for stealing $50,000 from Team Obama’s slush fund.

Although I don’t make it a rule to defend thieves, I think it’s a gross miscarriage of justice to prosecute them. The way I see it, Willard Elam and Jessie Adams were merely taking a page out of the Obama playbook and redistributing the wealth.

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