Thursday, October 18, 2012

Eva Longoria Should Step Down as Obama Campaign Co-Chair

Eva Longoria Should Step Down as Obama Campaign Co-Chair
By Aaron Goldstein on 10.18.12 @ 2:54PM

Actress Eva Longoria has apologized (sort of) for sending a retweet following Tuesday night's debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney which read, "I have no idea why any woman/minority can vote for Romney. You have to be stupid to vote for such a racist/misogynistic tw*t."

At first, Longoria denied sending out the retweet stating, "Is anyone else's twitter bugging out? There are things in my timeline I didn't retweet today. Hmmm? Standby trying to fix!" But then Longoria issued the standard "I apologize if I offended anyone" statement.

Now one might say, well, who cares? She's just another Hollywood liberal.

But Longoria happens to be one of the National Co-Chairs of President Obama's re-election campaign.

Let's be clear. If one of Romney's co-chairs had said something untoward about President Obama do you think the Obama campaign would accept an apology? Hell no. They would demand (and receive) a resignation.

Ms. Longoria retweeted a vile statement about Romney and then lied about retweeting it. Is President Obama OK with that? I suspect that he is. In which case, it says agreat deal about his character.

If Ms. Longoria has an ounce of decency she should resign from the Obama campaign. If not, pressure ought to be brought to bear.

Yeah, don't forget about this bullshit lie - click here.

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