Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Allen West: Everything is at Stake in This Election

Allen West: Everything is at Stake in This Election
By Katie Pavlich

The NRCC is out with a new video as part of their "This is Our America" campaign which spotlights stories from conservative candidates around the country. The most recent release features Lt. Col. Allen West explaining the exceptionalism of the American Dream and how it needs to be protected for future generations.

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"The American dream very simply is the fact that a young man born in the inner city of Atlanta, Georgia 1961 now lives here. That's the American dream. There's no such thing as a Somali dream, a Chinese dream, there's one dream --- the American dream and that's why people came to these shores. Everything is at stake in this election. What America we will have is at stake in this election. I think it's a clear-cut choice between what we are trying to represent as constitutional conservatives and what the other side is trying to represent."

West is currently in a battle for the 18th Congressional District of Florida with opponent Patrick Murphy. West is currently beating Murphy in the polls by nine points.

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