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"Incumbent Protection Act"?

Why don't they just call it the "Incumbent Protection Act"?
Posted by thekeenobserver on Thursday, June 17, 2010 6:32:45 PM

Wanna know what it's like to live in Venezuela?

Or how about red China or Cuba? - where government web censors have been almost 100% effective in monitoring ALL traffic on the "net."

What if you woke up tomorrow, and discovered that some anti-Obama comment you'd posted on your blog had been expunged - WITHOUT explanation!

Poof! Gone...just like that - in direct violation of the First Amendment.

Or what if your local tea party wanted to run a cheap, 30-second radio spot against the liar, local democratic incumbent Congressman in your district, only to be discouraged by mountains of disclosure forms and financial responsibilty red tape?

Welcome to Obammunist America!

And you thought those Nazi days of book-burning were anachronisms of the past?

It's called HB 5175 — reversing the Supreme Court's decision to uphold the rights of virtually anyone (or group/corporation) to pay for TV ads, critical of incumbent congressmen during the oft-decisive final months of a campaign.

This will virtually assure that BOTH the House and Senate will stay in democratic control!

But that's just for starters.

The media has said nothing about this blatantly anti-Constitutional bill, which will radically redefine how the FEC regulates political commentary.

The House version - called the DISCLOSE Act - fudges the definitions “communication” and “covered communication" - differing from the term “public communication” (adopted by the Federal Election Commission) in a 2006 rule exempting online speech from government control.

The DISCLOSE Act exempts traditional media outlets (NY Times, Wash Post) from "coordination" regulations, but NOT bloggers!

An "anti-spam feature" would just kick in and wipe out any "unsuitable commentary", profanity, or rants against democrats.

You can't believe it?

Well then, READ THE BILL, crafted handily by the two sneakiest, slimy snakes in Congress: Senator Chuck Schumer, and House rep. Chris van Hollen - alleging that it would "close the window" for special interests, including foreign corporations, to spend without limit in our elections.

What these two slimeballs fail to mention is that a SEPARATE federal law (not McCain-Feingold) already prohibits the expenditure of funds by foreign nationals (and foreign companies) to influence U.S. voters.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce declared it "unconstitutional" - calling it a "desperate attempt" of Democrats to grab a political advantage in the upcoming midterm elections.

If the Obammunists succeed in ramming DISCLOSE through Congress within the next few weeks, then all bets are off.

ITEM: the top donors to any group would be “disclosed,” even if they did not fund the organization’s communications (commercial).

ITEM: even more ridiculous, Rep. Michael Capuano's (D-Mass) addition would force donors names be included in any ad. Since broadcast ad times are limited, opposition ads become meaningless because of excessive time running disclaimers.

ITEM: it would compel the identification of nonprofit groups: a bulky, lengthy disclaimer (similar to an auto commercial) estimated to be 2-3 times longer than a candidate's disclaimers.

ITEM: the Disclose Act (for the first time) would restrict the activities of nonprofits and companies, but NOT labor unions.

ITEM: It requires backers to appear on camera stating they "approve this message."

Donors and CEO's are often RIGID about anonymity. It's of utmost importance to them. Ergo, DISCLOSE will have a chilling effect on nonprofit groups- causing them to lose vital donations.

FACT: donations to groups for independent expenditures (and electioneering communications) over $250 are ALREADY REQUIRED to be disclosed through the FEC.

Hence, this bill is a Nazi-like obstruction on groups of all persuasions to participate in the American political system - in other words, ONE PARTY RULE!

Sieg Heil!

How many of us like to do paperwork? Raise your hands.
Nobody? Well, don't think our good friends, Schumer & van Hollen, weren't aware of it.

With "disclose," even the most diehard democratic opponent(s) will be forced to go through the equivalent of filing a 1040 long version of a federal tax return, just to get a political ad legally on the air - not to mention that the ad time will consist mainly of disclaimers.

Thus, unless opposition groups are prepared to pony up literally millions for "informercial" length TV ads, one can only expect union-sponsored PRO- democrat negative ads this coming fall, as DISCLOSE will confine the opposition to phone banks, literature, and door-to-door camapaigns.

So, just to oppose your friendly local democrat scumbag will not only require money, signatures, organization - but also a mountain of determination!

But determination is the by-product of anger!

What If someone took away your right to speak out or blog against Obama?

What if your company or organization had already spent money preparing some large campaign against a local incumbent, only to be thwarted by the Disclose Act?

By imposing burdensome reporting requirements on political upstarts, the REAL target becomes the Tea Party movement - enabling the democrooks to strangle ANY potential opposition in the "crib."

So do we shrug our shoulders and give up? Do we sit idly by and allow these Obammunists to push the heart of our republic, the First Amendment, off a political cliff - perhaps lost forever?

235 years ago, Our forefathers literally sacrificed their blood & guts in a vicious shooting war to earn us our freedom.

So if it comes down to it, would YOU be wiling to go door-to-door? Or to organize a phone bank in your community? - or to pass out literature on a busy street corner?

Would you be willing to do any - or all-the-above - to preserve your right to free speech, and to be left alone by a socialist, ever-encroaching federal government?

The democrats are willing to bet that you're NOT! - confident that their Nazi-like restrictions will discourage even the most-stout hearted, die-hard conservatives to stay home, shouting at their TV's, frustrated politically at every turn.

Even as we speak, Schumer, van Hollen are probably laughing over drinks in some local DC pub - planning on another two glorious years of democratic tyranny - counting the bribes and corrupt money that will literally enable them to laugh all the way to the bank.

So what's it gonna be conservatives? The couch-potato aproach? Or the self-sacrificing, true-patriot, won't-be-discouraged determination?

It's your choice: Venezuela, or America. Capitalism or communism.

Our freedom stands in the balance.

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