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Excerpt from My 'Thoughts For The Day' Post

Excerpt from My 'Thoughts For The Day' Post

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1-18-2014 – Allow me to attempt to give you a little insight about why I hate it when people try to ram something down my throat. This is about Greg, whom I worked with in 1988 back when I worked for our local Parks Department. My job back then was a seasonal job, where I opened and closed and took care of the parks in the Cedar Hills area of our town. I didn’t do this job by myself; I usually had one or two people who helped me. I was unofficially their boss, but we would work as a team of equals and just do what needed to be done each day. Around this time I had been out of the regular U.S. Army for a few years, and I was in the local National Guard Unit part time (one weekend a month). This summer of 1988 I worked with Greg, who was several years younger than I was. Greg went to high school at Regis, which was a local Catholic high school from which I knew many people – so as a result we each knew many of the same people. I always got along good with Greg; he was a pleasant person who was interesting to talk with. He was also a good worker, which helped a lot. 

The reason I mention Greg is that he was gay, but he wasn’t ‘in your face’ about it. It was obvious mostly from his mannerisms, he was more feminine-like than masculine. I had worked with people who were openly gay before, and although I don’t understand their inclination, their gayness was never an issue with me. We didn’t talk a lot about his being gay, it was just understood, and he was comfortable with talking about it. I don’t think he lived a gay lifestyle openly, in other words I don’t think he lived with a boyfriend (at that time). Greg also had a sister who was gay, and he told me that his sister and he agreed that they weren’t born gay – it was more like a preference for them that was directly at odds with their Catholic religion. I told Greg that I knew several people (mostly in the service), who considered themselves to have switched from being straight to being gay, and vice versa. He believed me, and definitely believed that was possible. I often wonder if he still believes this to be true, because nowadays we are told that gays were born that way, and when we disagree, we are called a ‘homophobe’ or ‘bigot’ or ‘hater.’ In other words, most gays want it to be understood by everybody that it is normal behavior and they are just being who they are – they can’t help or change who they are. I know they are wrong. I have seen for myself that ‘gayness’ is not an identity, but a behavior that you choose. You may (or may not) be predisposed to this behavior, but a behavior it is. We can choose our behavior as humans. We can choose to be good or evil, or somewhere in-between. We can choose to be a murderer, or a thief, or we can choose to be a Christian who believes Jesus Christ is our savoir, who died on the cross for the sins of mankind.   

Unfortunately many gays have become militant and try to tell the rest of us what we must believe, and because their views of who they are conflict with the Bible’s teachings, they want to destroy the Bible and Christians, or convince people to marginalize the Bible’s teachings. This is just another way of saying they are trying to destroy their souls.  This is a conflict that is happening now, and it’s getting mean. Democrats are on the side of the Gay Agenda, and have become anti-Christian (not all gays and Democrats, but a significant number of them). Many other Democrats are duped by the mainstream media’s narrative, which is aligned with the Gay Agenda. This is part of what is to happen, and is happening in the end times. So directly gay = evil, and Democrat = evil because they are trying to drag you away from God (and in many cases – have succeeded). That is my belief, and much evidence backs me up. 

It would be interesting to see how this has all affected Greg and others like him over time. I heard that his sister has passed away from AIDS. Most Democrats (and/or gays) would read this post and think I’m a bigot or homophobe, but that would just show me they don’t understand the meanings of these words. I’m making my judgments based on my life experiences. Here is a funny coincidence about Greg. His father was the head football coach at his high school, and had a reputation for being tough. Greg grew up being neighbors with my future wife Cheryl. One day Cheryl changed a flat tire on Greg’s car (because apparently he didn’t think he could do it), and Greg’s father came outside and saw this happening. He berated Greg mentally and physically for having a female change his flat tire for him. So Cheryl knew Greg as well.

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