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Former Navy SEAL: America arms its enemies against its allies

Former Navy SEAL: America arms its enemies against its allies
By: Benjamin Smith
12/31/2012 10:34 AM

Would we finally get it when the titles on our favorite magazines or websites read: America arms Egypt and and allies itself with Islam against its former ally Isreal?

How about: “The Constitution and anything Christian-Judeo are comdemned and punishable by sharia law”in the afternoon?

Or: Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaida, Hammas, Hezbolah, Iran, Egypt amongst others are all our friends now……… Now we can arm them”. Upon first glance, something would tell you that that headline is Obsurd, wrong and that is just something that would never happen. THE GOVERNMENTS WORDS DO NOT MATCH THEIR ACTIONS! We are arming the enemy! Pay attention to this, its Important.


The Leader of Egypt IS Mohammad MORSI. He is in the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim Brotherhood is the parent group that created Al-Qiada (the violent arm of MB).
Mohammad Morsi declared Dictatorial Powers over his people. Morsi advocates Fundamental Sharia Law.

This year Egypt is receiving 200 M1A1 Main Battle Tanks FROM THE US. Our U.S. Marines only have 150 that are in service.

Egypt is run by the Muslim Brotherhood.

The muslim Brotherhood believes in a World under Islamic Sharia law and wants the state of Israel DESTROYED.

Egypt has the 7th largest tank force in the world.

Egypt has the population of California or Texas or New York but the 4th largest fleet of F-16s on earth. The f-16 is a great fighter/attack jet.

Egypt has 240 F-16s and another squadron is already on the way from the US.

In a recent speech MORSI said, “The price will be high if the aggression continues, Egypt is different from yesterday,” he added “We assure them [Israel] that the price will be high for continued aggression, and [we tell them] you have to bear the responsibility.” During Morsi’s speech, worshipers chanted: “Khaybar, Khaybar, Oh Jews, the army of Mohamed will return,” this is the same as chanting “Auschwitz, Auschwitz,”

Israel only has 350 Attack Jets in their inventory and an aging tank fleet that is mostly classified as Obsolete.


Isn’t the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Quiada who we are at war with called theWar on Terror? This is when a part of the Muslim Brotherhood called Al-Quieda killed 3000 of our peole in one day just in case you forgot. I would say that we have forgotten or is the fact more to the point that we, AMERICA, are now playing on the side of our enemies in this war. WE ARE SUPPLYING TERRORIST NATIONS that have already called for the destruction of ISRAEL, an Ally. OUR IGNORANCE IS SHOWING…. We have ignored these issues enough to call ourselves IGNORANT. The next step of IGNORANCE for us would be called SLAVERY or if you feel like looking it up, its called DHIMMITUDE! Get Smart People!

Attention should be brought to the fact that Egypt and Israel have a fundamental disgust and hatred for each other. The religion of Egypt and their leaders, the Muslim Brotherhood, do not allow for the existence of the jews and the legitimacy of Israel. They have even crucified non muslims recently…. All with religious tones and quoting the Koran or calling the usual “Allahhhh oh ohawkbwardt” (sound that out, that’s what it sounds like). Egypts leaders want to eradicate the Jewish religion as did HITLER (and they are not shy about it either), except now its sanctioned by Allah in the Koran, look it up! These Idealistic groups don’t see this as anything other than what they were put on this earth to do……. Kill non muslims and dominate the ones who you choose to let live…. (look it up) DON’T LET THE NAMES OF COUNTRIES MAKE YOU THINK THIS IS NATIONALISTIC …… THIS IS AN ALL OUT RELIGIOUS WAR THAT WILL MAKE THE CRUSADES LOOK LIKE A WARM HUG. They have plans for the future and we are not in it folks. The second World War was only a distraction in their global war with Non-Muslims…. Dar al Islam – (LOOK IT UP!!!). Now they are learning to work together and understanding that if they work together they can rid the world of an antithetical ideology and they can have relative peace if their followers are unified in the GRAND JIHAD ordained by ALLAH in the KORAN. They will ultimately have PEACE in the muslim world all the while finishing off the rest of us, the Keffir, the INFIDEL!

Now its their war and they are going to be standing front and center ARMED BY THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT with nobody holding them back……. ARE WE ON THE WRONG SIDE or right and wrong. Are we to be Lucifer against of GOD HIMSELF in the name of Allah? What have we become?

From: Benjamin Smith []
Sent: Monday, December 24, 2012 8:03 AM
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Subject: CT Shooting, Gun Control and political reflexivism…………………………………………………….

Wrote this one about a week ago after the shooting…… here was my take a few days ago but still applies to the greater issue. I have been busy and not in that issue as much as I should be. What is your take on this one because this is a big issue and really important that we stay on it and keep the people as informed as possible.

Do you have the links to any writings you put up? I never got them and would like to see the argument directions and reaction trends upon the reader.

It disturbs me to hear more about this man that has killed so many for no apparent reason. A moment of violence by a very sick evil man. We are all emotional at this horror perpetrated upon innocent children but this is how they are going to slip by legislation that can take another swipe at your GOD GIVEN RIGHTS ordained by the Bill of Rights. I feel for all involved but we also have a country to defend and tyrannical despots to offend.

I would be damned if I gave my child to someone who is to have custody of MY FLESH AND BLOOD for 8 hours a day who couldn’t protect my child and lead them to safety. That teacher or school administrator should be able to look me in the eye and say “I got him (her)” with the conviction of someone who is aware, ready, willing and able to kill or sacrifice themselves (honor to Victoria Soto) for the young if need be. They would have to understand the importance and fleeting nature of life itself. It is imperitive that Parents know their Teachers and school staff intimately and make sure they believe in the same values and safety parameters… this is why Education is supposed to be a LOCAL ISSUE not federal. I would prefer a proactive, provocative, alert role model to be the teacher of my kids, someone who has discipline and experience amongst the world. Teachers deserve respect only if they have earned it, not through tenyer or a union. Teachers are accountable to the student and the parents and not big government or big unions. I would want someone who proficient in techniques of how to prevent, avoid or (god knows) know how to fight fiercely to the death for them if need be…… I KNOW I WOULD!!!! WOULD YOU? TRY AND GET IN MY WAY! Why is this not done yet and what are you doing to help?

LETS BE LOGICAL FOR A MINUTE ……. PLEASE…… Why are laws made? So law abiding citizens can follow them and be safer.

GUN FREE ZONE laws mean that you cannot carry a gun into a school area. Does the man who KNOWINGLY steps into this zone with weapons and the intent to kill have any intention of follow them?He knows that the people in this zone are unarmed because they will follow the rules … THEREFORE ….. He knows the Laws that are in place will let him achieve maximum carnage? Who are those laws for? Laws are made to safeguard the innocent but in this case they worked in the Criminals favor because he knew the rules. His quarry would be weak.

Here again we also have a the Aurora shooting and the conditions there. They were in GUN FREE ZONE where the people who could have done something couldn’t because they were following the laws that are supposed to protect them. there were VETERANS in that audience that turned into a MAXIMUM LOSS.

It is the Criminals fault for doing it. That is logical. Should the governments that restrict your right to protect yourself be held just as accountable when it is proven that their logic is faulty and they forse their laws upon you. As I have a right to hit you in self defense DO I NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO SHOOT YOU IF YOU POINT A LOADED GUN AT ME OR ANY OF MY FAMILY or FRIENDS? These two issues are the same.

Only you can save you. Laws are words that criminals don’t read or understand because even the severity of the penalties will never stop someone hell bent on doing evil. It is your instinct as an animal. It is your God given Right to be able to fight back or to prevent these things from happening. Have we lost our ability to be responsible or judiciously violent, when need be, in the short years that our country has existed? I suggest you look to the Settlers, Founders and the Greatest generation and research what has made us a strong country….. you will see what I am talking about….. Sometimes you might have to pull a gun and kill someone the same way you might get your ass kicked or shot if you do nothing. AT A CERTAIN POINT YOUR ENEMIES REALITY BECOMES YOUR OWN.

You have to be ready for adversity always! That is what America was Founded upon. We are judicious people and believe that You get what you deserve, nothing more, nothing less. You might have to die if you are an evil man with a gun and have the intent to kill one of mine or an innocent. Bad day for you. Simple as that.

Nick Meli from the Mall shooting recently had his pistol and a license to carry when it happened and THANK GOD HE DID. Because he took cover made his family safe and raised his gun to the KILLER. When this happened THE KILLER TURNED THE GUN ON HIMSELF and shot himself. Needless to say there were to be more killings that day if this GUN TOTING RADICAL CITIZEN WITH A LISCENCE TO CARY wasn’t there.

People who have their License to carry are usually the people who know how to use the guns the best, can out shoot the local law enforcement, which is not to hard – just look at their qualification standards, and usually have better judgment in using them. This is not to knock Law enforcement but its pretty obvious the Officers who understand the importance of their job….. it shows, we respect you and America thanks you but WE GET TO DEFEND OURSELVES AS WELL.

Think logically again as if you were the criminal and you wanted to kill as many people as you could before you decided to take your own life. Where would you go? A GUN FREE ZONE or a place where there could be GOOD LAW ABIDING CITIZENS WHO KNOW HOW TO KILL YOU IF YOU GET OUT OF LINE?. You would probably go to where there is less threat and no one who can protect themselves……… I KNOW, I WOULD PROBABLY CHOOSE A SCHOOL OR A MOVIE THEATER WITH A GUN FREE ZONE…… Wouldn’t you?


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