Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Random Comment I Encountered...

A Random Comment I Encountered...

We’ve seen plenty of discontent on the left over the President’s failure to deliver on the progressive promises of the ’08 campaign, I often hear this complaint and my reply is, just WTF are they unhappy with?

In 2 years Obama has given them

– nationalized health care
– nationalized student loans
– ban on oil drilling
– nationalized auto industry
– quasi nationalized banking system
– a ban of light bulbs that aren’t “green”
– $60B for trains
– untold hundreds of billions sent to unions in the form
of aid to states and green initiatives that just ended
up going straight to SEIU/NEA
– highest % of people on govt assistance EVER

I mean for crying out loud, liberals, if you’re not happy with this, you will never be happy with anyone. Libs are dating a Sports Illustrated model and complaining that she’s not as hot in 2011 as she was in 2008 because she’s put on 2 lbs. Give me a freaking break.

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