Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr. Laura Apologizes for Saying N-Word on the Air

First I just wanted to comment about this cartoon. This is exactly how I feel. I mean how can 20% still support the democrat's and Obama's agenda? They must be complete and total idiots! Do we really need people like these in our country? I don't think so - so get out! Now!!! Obama and Congress should have a 0% approval rating.

Dr. Laura Apologizes for Saying N-Word on the Air
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LOS ANGELES (Aug. 12) -- Talk radio host Dr. Laura Schlessinger has issued an apology for saying the N-word several times in an on-air conversation with a caller that she said was "hypersensitive" to racism.

Schlessinger said on her website Wednesday that she was wrong in using the word for what she called an attempt to make a philosophical point.

"I articulated the N-word all the way out - more than one time," Schlessinger said in comments from the opening of her radio show that she posted on her site. "And that was wrong. I'll say it again - that was wrong."

She said she "realized I had made a horrible mistake, and was so upset, I could not finish the show."

Dr. Laura Schlessinger apologized for saying the N-word several times during her talk radio show.

Schlessinger said she pulled herself off the air at the end of the hour.

During the exchange on Tuesday's show, Schlessinger said the woman who called herself Jade was too sensitive for complaining that her husband's friends made racist comments about her in their home.

When the woman asked if the N-word was offensive, Dr. Laura said "black guys say it all the time," then went on to repeat it several times.

Schlessinger did not direct the epithet at the woman, but said she used it to suggest how often she hears it, and that it should not automatically be cause for offense.

When the caller objected, Schlessinger replied: "Oh, then I guess you don't watch HBO or listen to any black comedians."

Schlessinger also said that if the caller did not have a sense of humor about race, she shouldn't have entered into an interracial marriage.

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Brett said...

On yesterday I heard a recording of this particular call. This woman (Jade) is a black woman married to a white guy. She was complaining about all the racism that she has to put up with in the neighborhood. Dr Laura then asked Jade to give her a couple of good examples. Jade said they often talk about black this and black that in front of her and her husband doesn't stand up for her. Dr. Laura told Jade that if she hears something she doesn't like why doesn't she speak up and explain why she doesn't like it or to give her view - no harm in that. People of all races often stereotype (which is true). Dr. Laura did explain how black men sometimes call each other nigger (as a form of affection), but for anyone else to use the word is racism. Dr Laura mentioned she didn't think using the words 'white' or 'black' to describe a race was necessarily racism - it all depends on the context, and the same is true with the word 'nigger'. The question - is there ever a context in which using the word 'nigger' isn't racist? This is a common disagreement. Dr. Laura said 'nigger' repeatedly but she wasn't directing it toward any individual. However nigger is such an inflamatory word that anyone but black males cannot get away with saying it on air without major reprocussions. This is why she had to eat shit and apologize, despite the fact that everything she said was correct and Jade was hypersensitive. Dr Laura usually eats people like Jade for lunch.