Tuesday, July 13, 2010

DOJ Official Responsible for Black Panther Outrage

DOJ Official Responsible for Black Panther Outrage
Ken Klukowski

Editor’s Note: This piece was co-authored by Ken Blackwell.

A situation involving voter intimidation caught on tape has now exploded, as a Justice Department lawyer resigns to be able to tell the truth to the American people that the Obama-Holder Justice Department is allowing voting-rights violations to go unpunished for political reasons. Those responsible must be made to answer for their betrayal of the public trust.

The Civil Rights Division at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) has a noble mission: Make sure that no eligible citizen is denied their rights, especially the right to vote. That mandate has a special focus on race, because in darker days millions of American citizens were intimidated, threatened, or denied their right to vote simply because of the color of their skin.

Denying someone their civil rights because of race is a betrayal of the Constitution’s most sacred promises. We are all created equal, endowed with rights by our Creator, and the Constitution establishes a government to secure those rights for every American.

That’s why the threats caught on tape at a Philadelphia voting location are utterly deplorable. Several thugs of the New Black Panther Party stood at the door of a polling location with weapons in their hands, menacingly glaring at white Americans as they went by.

Fortunately, a couple intrepid patriots captured this illegal action on video. They even engaged them in conversation, confirming who they were and what they were doing.

In response to this clear and egregious case of voter intimidation, the Justice Department brought action against these Black Panthers. The defendants didn’t even have enough respect for the law to show up in court, and so the judge properly issued a default judgment against them.

Then Barack Obama was sworn in as president, and appointed Eric Holder attorney general. (Holder, who then promptly called America a nation of cowards on issues of race.) The new political appointee heading DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, Thomas Perez, hand-picked by Attorney General Holder and President Obama, dropped the case against the Black Panthers during the sentencing phase.

Dropped the case? Hadn’t the Justice Department already won? Yes, the government had already won. All they had to do was wait for the court to hand down its punishment.

But Thomas Perez and the Obama-Holder team decided to drop the case. Their reason? Perez had the audacity to say that there wasn’t enough evidence for the case to succeed. Evidently expecting that people would blindly ignore the fact that the Justice Department had already won, he said with a straight face that the evidence just wasn’t there.

As disgusting as this situation was, it looked like it was dead. President Obama had won the White House and chose to nominate far-left Eric Holder to lead the Justice Department, and then the two of them stacked DOJ with a raft of extremists like Thomas Perez who were willing to ignore gross injustices and lawbreaking for the sake of licking the hand of their racist allies at the New Black Panther Party.

(To back up this statement, just look at this video where one of these Black Panthers in this case, King Samir Shabazz, saying, “You gonna have to kill some crackers [white people]. You gonna have to kill some of their babies!” If you use racial slurs and talk about killing babies because of their skin color, then you’re a racist.)

Then two unexpected events brought this travesty back to life. First, the U.S. Civil Rights Commission launched an investigation. The investigation started to uncover and verify the facts, shining a spotlight on the inexcusable failure of the Obama-Holder DOJ to execute the judgment against these Black Panther lawbreakers.

Second, a brave lawyer from the Justice Department who had worked on this case, J. Christian Adams, had the courage to resign so that he could go public with the truth. Adams has taken to the airwaves and is now testifying before the Civil Rights Commission, calling for justice to prevail on the pathetic dereliction of duty of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Thomas Perez.

We say dereliction of duty, because the Constitution charges the president to “take care that the laws be faithfully executed.” Attorney General Holder serves as the chief law enforcement officer in the country, at the pleasure of the president, to make sure that the law is upheld. And this specific instance was under the purview of Thomas Perez. They have utterly failed.

Even more alarming, new records now show that Associate Attorney General Thomas Perrelli was heavily involved in this situation, at the same time that he was consulting with White House Deputy Counsel Cassandra Butts, who has a record as a radical extremist similar to that of Communist Van Jones, who was forced to resign in disgrace.

As we show in our book, The Blueprint, this is different than previous administrations. Every president has different law enforcement priorities, and as such make different decisions about how to spend resources to prosecute which crimes. But in this instance, the case was over. DOJ won. The work was complete. And yet Perez, Perrelli, and the Obama-Holder team dropped their victory to the ground, to the shock of career DOJ lawyers.

This failure is utterly intolerable. If Republicans take back the U.S. House this November, they should immediately drag Thomas Perez and Thomas Perrelli up Capitol Hill and put them under oath to justify their decision. If that investigation verifies that things are as they appear, then whoever made the decision to drop this case, whether Perez, Perrelli, or perhaps Eric Holder himself, should be forced to resign.

The right to vote is the beating heart of democracy, and the only way that we the voters hold accountable those with power to govern our lives. This situation cannot be allowed to stand.

Whether it’s Perez, Perrelli, or even Holder, if the official responsible for this pathetic tragedy refuses to resign, Congress should impeach him.

"Megyn Kelly: 'Racist Media Satan'"
Kevin McCullough

I don't know the politics of Megyn Kelly. But after a few years of seeing her operate, and occasionally running into her in the hallways at Fox News, I think I've learned a tiny bit about her as a person.

For instance, I know that Megyn is a kind person, and someone who demonstrates gratitude for those who have done her kindness. Exhibit A in that bit of evidence is the affection she shares for Brit Hume the retired senior admiral of the Fox News editorial operation. Brit was the one who discovered Megyn and first put her on microphone with a camera and assignment in the beltway.

"Anyone watching her even from a distance knew that her natural talent would take her a long way," said Fox News Radio host John Gibson when I once asked him about the rising star.

Those that watched her stint in the mornings with Bill Hemmer last year knew that she was personable and funny, and if anything, always proper--even when animated.

Megyn's public persona seems to capture a cut-throat "tell me the truth" kind of persistence in her line of questioning, but always one that carries tact and taste with it.

Even when the infamous Howard Stern asked her to come on his Sirius morning show and asked her the questions that Howard Stern would naturally ask, she kept her demeanor and composure and did not yield in her expectations to be treated like and to respond in kind as--a lady.

Megyn's had big stories. But her most recent, and perhaps most important story that she's been able to break is one that runs right to the core of our American life. Her willingness to put on-air J. Christian Adams, a former attorney for the Department of Justice, who had resigned his post in order to expose the racism inherent in the department, is serving all of America extremely well.

Megyn's show was able to uncover that our current Department of Justice has issued an edict that would prevent the department from any involvement in prosecuting voter intimidation cases in which the victims were white and whose initiators were black. A policy implemented once Eric Holder and the other political appointments were in place following the coming to power of the Obama administration.

Her tenacity in unveiling each new wrinkle that was revealed this week to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights provided her an exclusive amongst America's larger media. An exclusive on a story, that I might add, should have been front page news for the major newspapers and top of hour feeds for the 24/7 newsers. Four days after her original exclusive interview a highly rated fellow Fox broadcaster, Glenn Beck, finally provided the first corollary coverage. Yet the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, and all the major networks, have yet to pen their first word of coverage.

Had Kelly been covering the dismissal of a case against two Ku Klux Klan members, every paper in America would've pinged it. Further had the Justice Department issued an edict to ignore any further cases of voter intimidation by whites in which the victims were black, riots would've broken out in most of the nation's urban centers.

She has endured pathetic treatment from the Department of Justice on the matter. She along with (J Christian Adams,) Mr. Beck, myself and my morning listeners coast to coast have been slimed as racist for even relaying some of the basic information she has brought to light.

Kelly left the morning slot on Fox in 2009 to give birth to her newborn. When she returned she was awarded the afternoon solo gig that has dominated its ratings time-slot but not without cause.

In a world where facts are often run roughshod over, Megyn Kelly's tenacity on knowing, properly understanding, and relaying the factual information in the stories she features is without question. Talk to pundits on either side of the political spectrum and they will confirm that though she does not always ask them the questions they want to have to answer, they are unable to fault her personally.

In other words Kelly does what good journalists have always done.

The problem now is that so few do, when one does it with such crispness and expertise then it stands out as refreshing amongst the journalistic hash being slopped around these days.

It likely drives the anchors, even of Fox's prime-time "competitors," a little nuts that someone like Kelly can grow so big and become so effective so quickly. But perhaps if the former Air America hosts, and dried up sportscasters that those other networks employed were able to be half as intellectually honest as Kelly is, they wouldn't be. Of course they aren't so it's easier to slander Kelly as a racist media "satan" than to adjust their shoddy, agenda-driven practices.

The biggest scandal to date in the Obama administration is his own Justice Department's edict to enforce a racist and discriminatory policy against Americans based on the skin color of the parties involved. It is a scandal that Eric Holder should be brought before Congress to answer for. (As should all of the political appointees that played a hand in the decision.)

Yet if it were not for Megyn Kelly's tenacious ferocity to find the truth, to report it accurately, and to keep digging when everyone else involved is spitting in her face, America would not know.

It's disgusting to see a true lady, much less a graceful new mom, treated in such a way.

But something tells me that Megyn's "lady enough" to handle it.

Now...about our Justice Department's institutionalized racism...


Nameless Cynic said...

Interesting story. Completely wrong, of course, but still interesting.

I mean, it was established months ago that the case was downgraded to a civil suit before Obama got into office, and long before any of these people were appointed to their offices.

And so, your "intrepid patriots" caught a couple of Black Panthers standing outside glowering outside a polling place. And why were they there? Well, in the words of Malik Shabazz, head of the New Black Panther Party, "We decided that on Election Day, that we would go out to the polls. Because of what? Because they said they was going to be stopping black people from coming to vote."

Which, if you think about it, makes a lot more sense about their decision to stand outside a polling place in a mostly-black neighborhood, doesn't it?

Brett said...

And what was the nightstick for? Was that part of his clown costume? Your links are too boring to read and don't really say anything - so thanks! Hmmm who should I believe, the 2 Ken's who are reputable lawyers, columnists, and authors or same crank named the nameless cynic. I think I'll have to go with the Ken's, but thanks for stopping by - pick up your dork prize on the way out.

Brett said...

and shame on you for defending a blatent racist such as Malik Shabazz. Maybe you're one of the crackers he wants to be killed.

Nameless Cynic said...

Golly, why would a man, thinking that he'd be defending people from racist thugs, carry a nightstick? Gosh, I can't figure that one out, either.

I'm sorry that the scary black people frighten you.

Now, I linked to the actual government testimony showing that the case was downgraded by the Bush administration. Weirdly, that fact doesn't make you wonder why two GOP hacks named Ken might be lying about this whole invented "controversy"?

Well, it's good to see that you're consistent in your ignorance, I guess.

Brett said...

You are the ignorant one - Nameless Dipstick

Brett said...

Nameless peabrain - if you are still around and haven't crawled back under your rock - there's a book you should read

The Blueprint - Obama's Plan to subvert the Constitution and Build an Imperial Presidency
by Ken Blackwell & Ken Klukowski.

These guys are a hell of a lot smarter than you. In fact you ain't nothing but a mindless,gutless traitor.

Nameless Cynic said...

Wow. That's all you've got? Somebody points out that you're completely wrong, and you suddenly hit "insult mode"? That's it?

Wow. You really are an idiot.

I point out where you're wrong, and you're suddenly defensive, obnoxious, and unable to spell. At that point, I'll admit that I suggested that you were ignorant (justifiably, I think), but you have nothing but a cheesy schoolyard insult. And six minutes later, you say that I should read an idiotic book by the same two GOP tools, who, despite my having pointed out where they're lying, you promote as geniuses.

And really? "Nameless dipstick"? "Nameless peabrain"? That's all you've got?

Which you follow up with "In fact you ain't nothing but a mindless,gutless traitor."

Really? After 21 years in the military, I'm a traitor? After two tours in the Middle East? What have you done for this country, little man?

Oh, I'm sorry. I'm supposed to sink to the same level of moronic rhetoric as you, aren't I?

How about this? "What have you done for my country, you coward?"

(How was that? Mindless enough?)

I give you facts. You give insults. I show where the Kens are liars and GOP shills. You try to wave more stupidity by the same two liars.

Look at the facts for just a minute. Or is that too much to ask? I know you're not big on thinking for yourself. You'd prefer to be given all the answers, wrapped up with a nice little bow labeled "Fox News."

You know, you could use the brains God gave you, and find the truth. Or you could continue being purposely ignorant.

Your choice.

Brett said...

You haven't given me any facts to deal with. What is there of substance to respond to? You give me a link that's 100+ pages of sheer boredom - I'm not going to waste my time reading crap like that - it's worse than reading the healthcare bill. I said you're a traitor because after all Obama and the democrats have done to destroy our system of government you still support them. In my book that makes you a traitor. I think you should get the heck out of my country and take Obama with you. You made the fact that you may be a veteran completely insignificant - you have cancelled it out. At least I can use my name. What have I done for my country? I'm a veteran as well. I was in the Army when you were probably in grade school. I help support our country and leaders who protect our constitution. Not leaders like Obama, who only try to tear it down. That's the main difference between you and I. If you don't think calling someone ignorant and an idiot are insults then there's nothing I could tell you that you would listen to you. Obviously you are a hypocrite.

Go away! You bring no value to this blog and I'm tired of wasting my time on you.

Brett said...

Let's keep this simple. I know democrats like to make things so complicated that nobody understands it - especially themselves. Shabazz and his menacing looking goons, armed with nightsticks, were standing outside of polling places in Philly, not being very nice. It's all on youtube, just like the videos of Shabazz yelling at people with a megaphone about how 'we blacks need to kill some crackers (whites) and their babies.' They were supposed to appear in court for voter intimidation charges - they didn't show up, so they were guilty by default (which is what can happen if you ignore the law). So sentencing was all that was left, but our DOJ threw the case out, because of what one of their own testifies that it's Holder's policy that only whites can be prosecuted for such crimes, not blacks or other minorities. Now voter fraud or intimidation is the DOJ's responsibility to handle, and our DOJ refuses to do their jobs based on a racist policy. It just confirms what we already knew that our DOJ does not work for, or represent all of the citizens of this country (just like Obama). They should be thrown out on their asses. That is what this article and others on this blog are all about, and it cannot be disputed.

Vote the idiots out in 2010 & 2012 and ignore nameless cynics. People like him are what Stalin used to call "usefull idiots" and Obama probably calls them the same thing.