Monday, April 19, 2010

"Gay Marriage" Problem Solved

"Gay Marriage" Problem Solved
Posted by J. Bradford Sivils on Monday, April 19, 2010 10:17:00 AM

I've offered this "solution" to the "Gay Marriage" problem with friends and associates, so I decided I would codify it in writing and share with the world.

As most of you know, the primary issue about "gay marriage" has been one of definition. Set aside the fact that for roughly 10,000 years of human civilization, we have understood "marriage" to be a union between a man and a woman. Oh, sometimes one man would have MANY wives! But never has a civilization recognized "marriage" of people of the same sex.

Here in California, the people have voted in referendums on 2 recent occasions to define "marriage". The first occasion, the people of California voted to add a statute to the legal books. Gay marriage "activists" sued the State of California to overturn the statute as "unconstitutional" and the case went to the California Supreme Court. The Supreme Court dutifully ruled the statute unconstitutional arguing that there was no "definition" of marriage in the California Constitution prohibiting the court from extending the "right" of marriage to same-sex couples.

Enter Proposition 8! Proposition 8 was the people's response to the California Supreme Court. "You can't find a definition of marriage in the California Constitution? Well, we'll give you a definition!" As an amendment to the Constitution of the State of California. And it's simple: "Marriage in the State of California shall be recognized as a union between one man and one woman". I paraphrase, but that's essentially it! Simple! Understand now?

So, the California Supreme Court rightfully concluded that they could not trump the will of the people of the State of California and let the amendment to the State Constitution stand.

What to do now with same-sex couples seeking some similar legal standing? We get back to definitions or terms. As the term "marriage" is not available to them, let's offer same-sex couples a new term to use! I suggest we create the term "Obamaige". Same-sex couples can refer to their relationship as "Obama'd". Instead of referring to themselves as "husband" and "wife", the couple can now refer to themselves as "Barack" and "Michelle".

Imagine meeting a newly-wed same-sex couple.

James: "Hello, I'm James and you are?"
John#1: "I'm John. Allow me to introduce my 'Michelle', John."
James: "Oh, so you're 'Obama'd!'"
John#1: "Why, yes. We got 'Obama'd' last week. We're on our 'Hussein-a-Moon'."
James: “And you make a nice couple!”
John#2: “Thank you! I know in my heart I picked the best man to be my ‘Barack’.”

The priest could introduce the new couple at the wedding thus-ly: “I now pronounce you ‘Barack’ and ‘Michelle’.”

How is that for simplicity?? Same-sex couples now have a term with legal standing that does not confuse with “marriage”.

Oh, wait! I want to give same-sex couples a new term based on Barack and Michelle Obama’s names?? Didn’t Barack Obama say in the 2008 Presidential Campaign that he was against Gay “Marriage”?? Not to worry! He didn’t mean all those things he said in the Presidential Campaign anyway, did he? Like being a “moderate centrist” or “not raising taxes”.

At least “Obama’d” same-sex couples won’t be punished with a baby.
Voiceman of the Geico Gecko Gets Canned
Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Posted by: Meredith Jessup at 2:12 PM

As Kevin noted last week, a man identifying himself as Lance Baxter, the voice of the GEICO gecko, left a message accusing FreedomWorks and its Tea Party supporters of being "mentally retarded" and inciting violence.

Now, one week after FreedomWorks put Baxter's angry voicemail online, the gecko actor reports he's been dropped from GEICO's campaign. In a statement, Baxter claims his tirade was motivated by "the recent gay and racial slurs slung by Tea Party members at Congressman Barney Frank and Representative John Lewis during the Health Care Reform Weekend," (sic) and says he's "open to any attorneys taking on this case pro bono."

Yeah, good luck with that.


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. That article was even more horrible in content than it was in format! Only someone with an 8th grade education could come up with those analogies and articulate them in such a way.

I hope and pray to GOD (the same GOD who made man in HIS image, thus CREATING homosexuals) that these narrow minded individuals (the blogger included) never have a child who is homosexual(you are born that way) and as a result of the viewpoints of their parents, attempt destructive behaviors, including suicide.

Shandan said...

People that believe posting their oppinions on about gay marriage on the internet are doing it for attention. In ten or twenty years when gay marriage is LEGALIZED all people opposing it will feel like idiots and will hopefully be persecuted by the people. I agree that if God made man in his image then saying being gAY IS WRONG is the same as saying that God is FLAWED. You cant have it both ways. Either God says its a sin or GOd made it. You aren't sleeping in our beds and you have no right to tell us that there is something wrong with us. Why don't you tell some random black guy that God hates HIM too!!!! All forms of discrimination are wrong. So go to hell and take your bullshit oppinion with you

Anonymous said...
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Brett said...

So go to hell and take your bullshit oppinion with you.

You first. No I think it will probably be you Shandan that will go to hell. The 2 comments I deleted were just too dumb to allow to remain. You people are rude!
What does "black" have to do with anything here? Homosexuality is a behavior, not a race or identity. I didn't post this post for attention - I posted it because I thought it was funny. It was a lot more funny than your comments. By the time gay marriage is legalized everywhere (and I believe you are correct that this will happen at some point)we will be in the tribulation period, and I will be gone. Have a nice day sodomites!

One more thing - God is not responsible for your behavior - you are, just as I am responsible for mine. God didn't make you gay. We all have the free will to live our lives and believe whatever we want to believe.

Anonymous said...

Homosexuality is not a behavior. It is biological. Science is close to proving it and there is evidence right now pointing to brain differences, developmental (while in womb), etc. At one time everyone believed the world was flat, until science proved otherwise.

I would find it quite ironic if, in fact, GOD is testing "believers" by introducing "homosexuality"....and "watching" how "HIS believers" are judging "HIS creation(s)". Maybe we wont be the ones to go to "Hell".

And for what it is worth, the other comments were fine. Deleting them under the guise of being "too dumb" is just a means of "deleting" the truth...

Brett said...

If you think those other comments were fine then you must really be an asshole. You have zero credibility with me. The Bible's message never changes. Since this is true than the fact that homosexual behavior is considered an "abomination" will not change. I have nothing against gay's in general as people, I just don't agree with most of their behaviors. I know that the whole gay marriage issue is being used to squelch religious freedoms and liberties, and that isn't right. We are being told that a gay life style is natural, normal, and should be mainstream. This is a lie! It's a battle that will make losers of you all. Good always triumphs over evil.

You are not being persecuted by anyone and you have the same rights as anyone else. You are just behaving like whiny children who don't listen and have just been told "no".


Brett said...
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Brett said...

See the thing that makes me believe that homosexuality is a behavior is people can and have turned it on and off. People who were once straight became gay and vice versa. There are many examples of both instances. It's like being an asshole. If you are a miserable person being an asshole comes naturally. If you choose instead to become more kind, with some work and some practice it can happen. It's always helpful to trust in the Lord.