Friday, March 26, 2010

So What’s Wrong With ObamaCare?

3-25-10 So What’s Wrong With ObamaCare?

Recently I was talking to one of my liberal-minded co-workers who asked me this question. I said well many things, but just to name a few (the short version)…

Redistribution of Income = Welfare = ObamaCare

Obama likes to talk about maldistribution or redistribution of income amongst us peoples just to make things more equitable (except for the elite – like himself). He likes to talk about common sense ‘middle-of-the-road’ solutions. Isn’t this what socialism is all about? I guess that’s why ObamaCare is called ‘socialized medicine’. This maldistribution applies to the rich and poor, the young and old, and the healthy and sick. ObamaCare includes an exemption for preexisting conditions. If you take away the insurance industry’s right to decline a potential customer due to a particular risk then it’s no longer ‘insurance’, but welfare. ObamaCare will be the largest welfare entitlement program ever in the history of our country, the cost of which nobody can possibly predict. It’s a joke and an insult anytime someone tries to do so because nobody has ever succeeded at predicting the cost of such a huge entitlement program.

So let’s ask the question the left never asks: how is it possible for a private insurance company to pay for these giant medical bills? What makes it possible is a whole set of statistical calculations. For every person who needs open-heart surgery or chemotherapy, there have to be a certain number of other people who are paying their premiums but haven’t gotten seriously ill. If the insurance company has gotten its calculations right, the expenses for any one person’s catastrophic care are balanced out by the premiums other people pay “just in case.”

You can see how Obama’s demands undermine this whole system. To ask insurance companies to cover a patient after the tumor is diagnosed is to ask them to take on a known expense. Combine that with another Obama demand: that insurance companies can’t charge higher rates for those who are at higher risk of getting sick. So if insurance companies have to take on a known expense and can’t charge a higher rate for it, how are they going to pay for it? By raising everyone else’s rates, redistributing their wealth to the new freeloaders.

Just to use an analogy – would it be fair for a driver with clean driving record to pay the same insurance premium as someone who drives the same make, model, and year vehicle, but has 4 DUI arrests and several prior accidents? Is it fair that someone who drives up the costs of insurance should shift this burden to good drivers? Is there a typically common theme of not having to be responsible for the consequences of your actions here?

ObamaCare needs a mandate to force everyone to carry insurance, not only to cover the costs of emergency care for the uninsured, but to squeeze premiums out of people (healthy young people, mostly) who probably won’t need care at all. And what if that’s not enough of a corrective to the “maldistribution”? Well, then you add some taxes and squeeze a little more revenue that way. This mandate is essential because otherwise people would just wait to purchase insurance until they actually need it – when they become sick or injured. The problem with this particular mandate is that it’s unconstitutional for Congress to force us to purchase insurance. This is why several states are suing and passing legislation to be excluded from ObamaCare.

Also Obama keeps on telling us that if we like our current health insurance we can keep it – another of his many lies. ObamaCare will put so many mandates and restrictions on private insurance companies that it will be impossible for them to compete with government insurance (public option). Once all of the private insurance companies are gone then we will have single-payer (our government), which was the democrats’ plan all along.

Now as an additional bonus – we get to pay for abortions! So not only do we get to be slaves but also involuntary accessories to murder!

So welcome to the machine! Once our government has this much control over our lives why shouldn’t they keep going until they have total control? If we are stupid enough to let it happen then we don’t deserve to be free. We are letting a group of people who are not even smart enough to run a profitable lemonade stand run our whole health care industry – unbelievable!

Essentially my co-worker’s replies parroted BHO’s tired talking points that we have all heard repeatedly. I could’ve closed my eyes and it would’ve been like Obama was standing right there.

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