Saturday, January 2, 2010

Could Some States Nullify ObamaCare?

Could Some States Nullify ObamaCare?
By josh.eboch
Created Dec 22 2009 - 10:59am

The Tenth Amendment Center is reporting [1] that at least seven states have introduced legislation or constitutional amendments for 2010 that could effectively nullify national health care within their borders.

They have even put together this handy map [1].

In Arizona, HCR-2014 [2] has already passed both houses of the state legislature and will be put before the voters next November.

In Florida, HJR37 [3] has been introduced for the 2010 session.

In Michigan, HJR-CC [4] has been introduced for 2010.

In Missouri, HJR-48 [5] has been pre-filed for 2010.

In Ohio, SJR7 [6] has been introduced for 2010.

In Pennsylvania, HB2053 [7] has been introduced and referred to committee.

In Virginia, HB10 [8] has been introduced and pre-filed for 2010.

Nullification has been used by states to avoid enforcing federal laws from the Fugitive Slave Act to REAL ID.

Expect to see more states added to the list in coming months. Especially considering the fact that state budgets would be better off without Medicaid [9] under this latest unfunded federal mandate.

Going into the new year, activists in every state will need all the help they can get to keep these bills from being killed in committee, or voted down in one house or the other.

In concert with efforts on the national level [10], a growing state resistance could dissuade Congress from passing its legislation at all. But if they continue to ignore the will of the American people, it's good to know that some of us are already preparing for the next fight.

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Brett said...

Iowa really needs to look into doing this if people in elected Government want any hope of keeping their jobs. I mean Obamacare is so great that...
1. The taxing starts this year but the benefits don't really start until after Obama's gone (and he will be gone).
2. Congress doesn't want it for themselves, just for their perceived subjects (us).