Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Revolution

The Revolution

We are living in a revolution. It shouldn't have been called "hope & change", it should be called what it is - a revolution. The only ones with any hope are those of us who follow Jesus Christ.

Since Obama and our Democrat Congress (and I'm just going to say the whole government because you have to throw in the liberal justices who legislate morality from the bench) have taken over and are giving away our nation's sovereignty - they are going to bring us down to everyone else's level. Who can help anyone now? The main things that set our country apart - freedoms of speech, religion, individual liberty, our Constitution, our military strength, are all on the way to being dismantled. If you disagree may I suggest you start paying more attention to what's going on all around you. May I suggest you read columnists who report the truth regularly at places such as .The left is trying to create mass hysteria in any way they can to make the right look like "extremists" with no evidence that says otherwise (other than we disagree with the direction the government is taking), and they will probably succeed thanks to their obedient mouthpiece - the mainstream media. The MSM doesn't even pretend to be objective anymore - this is clear to anyone who pays attention - it should be clear to everyone. They are working with the government to tear it down and to build it back up into God knows what, and it won't have anything to do with God - the direction we are heading is evil. The left is on the side of evil on every social issue.

Only those of us who refuse to follow our government where it's pushing us and instead follow the teachings of Jesus Christ will be the ultimate victors who receive salvation. We have to be careful not to get caught up in things of this earth. The earth is merely a weigh station on the road to eternal salvation. For those of us who love what our country once was - it is truly sad to watch it go, but it's certainly no surprise. A majority of our own people helped to make it happen and they will continue to help - they will have nobody else to blame but themselves in the end. We tried to stop it from happening and there have certainly been enough warnings.

I just want to add that our President Barack Obama is completely gutless. If he had any guts whatsoever he would've been honest about what he was going to do to our country instead of lying to us all so much, but being honest is not how he operates - instead he is more like a weasel. For those of us who pay more attention - we knew what Barack Obama was all about, but most in our country don't pay much attention to the information that's out there. They only want to see one side of things and too many picked the wrong side.

If I sound like a crackpot to you - well I am a right-wing extremist according to our government (aka someone who disagrees). There are still many of us left. Our country is already going down the slippery slope of Godlessness, and it's picking up speed. Jesus Christ is our only salvation, and it's never too late to see this truth and act on it, that is until you are dead. The choice is death, or eternal-life in heaven - simple.

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