Saturday, December 8, 2007

China Story

I said in an earlier entry that I was going to put the 50 page story about our trip to China to receive Jenna (last July 11 - 26, 2007) on this blog. I decided not to do it #1 because of its length (and this was the version without pictures. Also #2 because I have sent a copy to several people - some of whom said they wanted to read it. Feedback received = zero. I'm somewhat disappointed because it took a long time to write, and I put some work into it. Maybe people are too busy or maybe it just isn't worth reading for anyone except us and hopefully Jenna, so I won't be asking anyone else if they would like to read it - I will just keep it to ourselves. I suppose it is a little like asking someone to watch a vacation video, or to look at vacation pictures, but I thought it was something more. Maybe not.


UPDATE: This story is now in its own blog, including pictures and commentary. It can be viewed by clicking here.

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